People Say...

When we say "we can do it", it will happen...
even if it has never happened before.

Normandy Featured Project

Normandy International—and its media arm—offers clients around the world a unique consultancy that does more than offer advice or analysis by the hour. We connect the dots from our clients’ idea to the full execution of actually getting it launched, funded, designed and executed.

Normandy has broken new ground consistently in dozens of markets around the world. We can act on our own as a self-contained unit to develop a concept and deliver it; or serve as an add-on resource for existing operations. We morph into an extension of your team and get quickly up to speed on both your goals and the existing environment within which you must achieve them.

  • Design, staging and execution of live events requiring precision timing:
    Highlights: World Heavyweight Championships before 15000 fans at Caesars Palace; relief missions in Somalia, escorted by our troops.
  • Creation of new channels for multi-media humanitarian outreach:
    Highlights: “We Are the World for Haiti 25”, first ever “on-demand” giving via cable and satellite, in collaboration with Quincy Jones production.
  • Strategic media expertise for one-time political or diplomatic events:
    Highlights: Goodwill trip at the invitation of Nelson Mandela; media strategy for Denver Mayor Hickenlooper and security issues during the 2008 Democratic National Convention.
  • New Media Innovation:
    Highlights: first-ever live streaming of a music festival from the US (Aspen Music Festival) ; first-ever live streaming with Facebook fan interaction and live chat for stars John Legend and Erykah Badu (2009).
  • Opening of new international markets for US programming content:
    Highlights: Distribution agreements in over 100 countries in the world for championship boxing, insisting on transparency and corruption-free transactions in countries from France to Indonesia.

If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you.

But when we say "we can do it", it will happen... even if it has never happened before.